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Birmingham Martial Arts 

Self-Protection - Combat Conditioning & Fitness - Practical & Traditional Fighting Arts
Martial Arts in Edgbaston
Karate in Birmingham
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Self Defence in Edgbaston
Birmingham Martial Arts

About Us

Martial Art Classes in Edgbaston - Martial Art Classes in Harborne - Self Defence Classes in Birmingham - Fitness and Martial Art Classes in Birmingham - Karate Classes in Edgbaston

We offer both weekly group sessions as well as private tuition in a range of martial arts, self-protection methods and combat fitness/conditioning.


Our mission is to use martial arts training to cultivate mentally, physically and emotionally strong and healthy people who can make a positive contribution to themselves, their family and the wider community.


We offer you the ability to change your life as training in the martial arts offer a range of benefits including: -

- Self-Confidence to deal with physical and verbal conflict 

- Stress Relief

- Improved fitness (Weight Loss, Flexibility, Balance, Endurance etc...)

- Discipline and Mental Strength 

- Have Fun

Birmingham Martial Arts Academy
Martial Art Classes in Edgbaston

All classes  are run by Leigh Simms. He holds a Fifth Degree Black Belt with the British Combat Karate Association & the English Karate Federation. Leigh also holds a further First Degree Black Belt with the British Combat Association and the British Karate Association.


Leigh has been training in karate and a variety of martial arts for over a 20 years and has taught at seminars and events in the United Kingdom and USA. Additionally, he has wrote articles for Martial Art Magazines and is the author of the Amazon Best Selling Martial Arts Book: UK Self-Defence Law.  

Leigh is a sought after instructor and is in demand for seminars and workshops across both the worldwide karate and self-defence communities due to his expertise in karate analysis and self-defence law. For more information on Leigh, visit his personal website

What We Teach

Our Martial Art System covers all three of the above fields of study. We use the traditional belt system for recognising improvement and achievement.  You can study this holistic approach in our group sessions or via private sessions.

Additionally, we run private 1-1 classes which can cover each field of study - therefore you can learn learn just Traditional Arts, or Self-Protection or Combatives.


Alternatively, you can request to learn a  selection of the topics which fit your needs. For example you could learn the history and culture of traditional arts, the law of self-defence and striking techniques.  We can tailor our sessions to your request. 


We also have specific courses on Combat Conditioning & Physical Fitness. 


Dan Y.

Having known and trained with Leigh for around 6/7 years I have found his approach to be refreshing and always contextually relevant in the legal aspects of self protection and karate. There’s always a buzz in the dojo from kids and adults alike.
I highly recommend training with Leigh!

Jav. A

Leigh is an excellent instructor one of the best Sensei’s to train with.

Class structure provides complete all round practical training from situational awareness, vocal skills, grappling, trapping, punching, kicking, ground work etc.

Highly recommended.

Michael C.

I have trained with Leigh for many years. I find him to be one of the most progressive and equally talented Karateka I've come across. I highly recommend his tutelage.
Image by Nathan Dumlao

Get In Touch

Contact us below to enquire about the group or private sessions.

All you need to do is leave your contact details and we will call or email you back to discuss!

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask these too. 

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