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Classes & Services

What the Academy Teaches

Martial Arts Beginners Classes

Wednesday Evenings - 7:30 - 8:30 pm
The Yoga Hart Studio, Harborne Road B17 0SR
First Lesson is Free

Classes are 13+ Years Only

Our Martial Art System covers all three of the above fields of study - The Traditional Arts, Self-Protection & Combative  We use the traditional belt system for recognising improvement and achievement.  You can study this holistic approach in our group sessions or via private sessions in either small groups one 1-1 sessions.  

Martial Arts Beginners Classes in Harborne

If you contiue after the free trial, you will begin an 8 week course that covers the following:


Self-Defence Modules: - striking pads to improve fitness and physical fitness - Learn threat awareness - Threat assessment - De-escalation techniques - Basic Self-Defence law


Traditional Art Modules - - learn basic history of karate - learn a classic solo template (known in Japanese as " kata")


Combat Modules - - learn basic footwork drills - learn basic striking combinations - learn basic trapping skills - learn basic clinching and how to strike from within a clinch - learn basic takedowns.

Following the 8 week course is the graduation ceremony and then you move onto the main syllabus with the intermediate and advanced students. 

Private Sessions

Martial Lodge, Vicarage Road, Harborne B17
Weekday Evenings & Weekends
£45 per hour for 1-1 
£30 per person for small groups (2-6)

We run private sessions from a private garden studio which is a perfect space for safe, fun and informative training. 

In addition to the Martial Arts Beginners Course  (which can be done in an 8 week group course or 4 week private course) we have a range of pre-structured 8 week courses which you can chose do either on a 1-1 basis or in a small group. Please use the link below to provide your details so we can contact you to see which of the below courses best suits your needs. Alternatively, you can request to learn a  selection of the topics which fit your individual requirements. 

8 Week Private Courses

Combat Fitness in Harborne


Self-Defence Classes in Harborne


Womens Self-Defence Classes in Harborne

Women's Only Self-Protection

Beginners Martial Art Classes in Edgbaston

Ground Combatives

Beginners Martial Art Classes in Harborne

Stand-up Combatives

Karate in Edgbaston

The Traditional Arts 

Anti Bullying Classes in Edgbaston and Harborne

Childrens Empowerment and Bullyproofing

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